Welcome to the new Connexion Producer’s Hub!

When Connexion decided that it was time to redesign its web presence, we gathered feedback from our producer community. What we heard was that you wanted a website that was simple and faster to get to the information you needed. You didn’t need unnecessary layers and buttons to sift through.  In the big picture, you were open to change to bring more value to customers so that you remain an important part of the process.

The new website was designed with those producer needs in mind. It’s highlighted by a modern design that offers an efficient and clean layout to navigate through. Below are a few of the key improvements that you will notice as you start to explore it.

What’s new?

  • Streamlined layout navigation – Fewer clicks to get to the info you need in a modern, sleeker design. Navigation on the right rail of pages helps you move through the site more efficiently. The most used pages are set as the default to reduce clicks. For example, clicking on Group –> Medical from the blue menu on the left side of the home page takes you to the WA Small Group Page in one click.
  • Mobile responsive design – Access website information from your smart phone or tablet device. You can also email documents from your mobile email app.
  • A Producer blog – Producer communications categorized by product line for easier summary review. Additional blog posts with helpful information and reminders for producers will be forthcoming.
  • FAQs – Get immediate answers to common questions. Detailed FAQs on products and back office processes will be made available.
  • Improved searchability – Searching by the name of a document in the search field in the top purple header will lead you to the document.
  • Multi-language – the website can be translated into dozens of languages.
  • Other new technology tools are coming – Stay tuned for more announcements.
  • Training library – A comprehensive training library will accompany the new technology once launched.

While it’s normal that a new website design can take a little time to adjust to, we hope that you enjoy the updated look and feel as you start using it. You can send any comments or suggestions about the website to mktg@connexioninsurance.com.


Thank you!