Aetna – Get Certified

For first-time certification, please email Connexion’s Licensing Department ahead of any certification attempt to ensure proper set up and contracting.

Remember! In order to complete appointment, send your AHIP certification along with proof of each carrier’s certificate of completion to Connexion’s Licensing Department by uploading it through your MyBusiness producer portal. 



  • Aetna’s re-certification, including access to AHIP, will be available on June 29.
    • Aetna FrontRunners – be sure to take advantage of your FREE AHIP.  You earned it.
  • The Aetna re-certification platform has been updated and you must reset your password before using the site.  Here’s the link:
    • Please reset your password NOW rather than wait until June 29 when everyone will be logging onto the site.  For a few users, there has been a glitch in changing the password, so better to be ready to go when June 29 hits to avoid delays.
    • Follow the instructions on the website.