Premera Blue Cross – How To Order Supplies


A. Under 2019, click on Enrollment Kits, then click on “Medicare Advantage Producer Supply Order Form”

B. Enter your producer information in all fields in Section A: Requestor

C. Enter the quantities of each item you wish to order in Section B: Medicare Advantage. For 2019, the breakdown of supplies available to order is as follows:

  • 4 versions of enrollment kits by county cluster
  • Provider & Rx Directory for formerly-known-as Soundpath plans
  • Provider & Rx Directory for the remaining Premera plans
  • Formulary for formerly-known-as Soundpath plans
  • Formulary for the remaining Premera plans
  • Dental Directory (all plans)
  • Mailing Envelopes for kits
  • Trifold brochures the align with the 4 county clusters (same as kits)
  • Envelopes for trifolds

*If you order printed directories or formularies, always remember to double check the online tools for the most current information

D. You are also able to order Medicare Supplements through this form in Section C: Medicare Supplement. Use the Enrollment Kit box to enter quantity of full kits you wish to order. There are also three boxes below to order extra specific components: Sales Brochure, Outline of Coverage, and the Enrollment Application.

E. Enter any notes if applicable

F. Click [Submit]



To receive materials you must be Licensed, Appointed, and Certified for the product you are representing.

2019 PDFs will also be available online at and posted on the Connexion website once available

For current PDFs of Medicare Supplement plans, click “Medicare Supplement Plans” in the grey navigation box on the left side of the screen at the above link, or click here