SilverScript – How To Order Supplies

SilverScript Agent Portal:

Silverscript will automatically send an initial supply of 10 enrollment kits to agents upon completion of the 2019 certification curriculum. The initial set of materials includes ten (10) enrollment kits, (2) SilverScript Choice Formularies, a Car Coach, and (10) SOA forms. Please Note: Unable to deliver to PO BOXES. Orders will be shipped within 2 business days.

To place additional orders:

A. Login to the agent portal

B. Choose Plan Year 2019

C. Click on the “Resources” dropdown and select “Enrollment Kit Reorder

D. Verify your mailing address is correct

E. Enter the number of kits you would like (in multiples of 10)

F. Click on the red “Submit Order” button

You may track your shipment by returning back to the same page on the Silverscript agent portal


To receive materials you must be Licensed, Appointed, and Certified for the product you are representing. You must also send your training certificate to

Electronic enrollment tools

 You’re never really out of stock on enrollment kits, because SilverScript provides three good electronic enrollment methods that don’t require paper or a physical enrollment kit.

 iPad -You can submit your enrollments online using your iPad. For complete instructions please select “reference materials” on the left side of the agent portal. There you will find the iPad “Enrollment App User Guide” for complete instructions.

SOA and Electronic Application – To avoid paper applications and process applications fast, use the electronic Scope (eSOA) and Application (eApp) tools on the Agent Portal. Get SOAs in only two minutes, complete with signatures.  The process gives your clients PDF versions of all the same materials in the physical enrollment kit (plan guide, start sheet, new member guide, etc.), and it gives you signed PDF copies of the applications for your files.  You can also see the status of all your eApps on the agent portal.

Email Self-Enrollment Link – The Email Self Enrollment link remains in place for 2019. Send the link from the portal and your client can use the SilverScript consumer website to self-enroll while maintaining your status as agent of record.

PDFs of the plan materials will be posted to the Connexion website once available. You can also find it posted on the Silverscript Agent Portal by selecting “Resources” and clicking on “Supply Room”. Scroll down to “Instant Access to Enrollment Materials” and select the state you are seeking.