Update on Premera Individual Medical and LifeWise Individual Medical  

Premera and LifeWise are experiencing a few issues at this time, which they are working through as quickly as possible.

  • Phone routing issues late last week kept people from reaching them. This has since been fixed, but has started the week out with long hold times. More customer service reps are being added.
  • Some invoices were not received. An email was sent on 12/31 to on-exchange customers that have not yet made their first payment that included Payment ID and one-time payment link. Off-exchange members, new and renewing, need to create a new 2020 account in order to pay.
  • 1,000 ID cards were identified as not being delivered within the 7-day timeframe. These have been overnighted and will arrive no later than Monday.
  • There was an issue with Express Scripts recognizing 2020 eligibility at the Pharmacy. This has been fixed and Pharmacies should be able run the RX now.

Rather than calling customer service, please email us at Individual.support@connexioninsurance.com
Tips to help us, help you with email:

  1. Please include first and last name, Date of birth, LW or PBC, on or off-exchange, and a concise explanation of the issue. If you have multiple ID #’s you are asking for consider putting them all into one email.
  2. We are responding to emails as soon as we receive them. While we are trying to respond within 24 hours, it may take up to 48 hours during this busy time. Please do not send another email to us if you don’t hear back the same day you send the email.
  3. Note that there is a back log of escalations. Escalations are currently taking about 5 business days for resolution. We ask that you do not send more emails to us about that issue during that period. We are logging each one to respond to as soon as we hear something new.

The numbers on the ID card besides the ID # itself, are the same for everyone. Here they are:

Group # 1100009 (Exchange), 1000000 (Off-Exchange)
RX Bin # 610014
RX group # LWWAPDP

Group # 1100015 (Exchange)
RX Bin # 610014

  • The member portal is new as well. Because of this, every member must create a new account regardless of whether they are renewing or not. If they have bookmarked their old account, this will NOT show 2020 plan information. This includes accounts for Grandfathered members. Members have been alerted of this requirement in previous communications, and an additional email will be delivered in the next few days. Please ask your customers to use Chrome to view the site.


  • Please also keep in mind that the Mobile app is not an option this year. Do not suggest use of a mobile app to your clients as they will not be able to see any 2020 information in it.

Thank you for your patience during this busy season.  Every member is important to us and we will do everything we can to get issues resolved.

Thank you,

Individual Producer Team

If you have any questions, please contact Connexion’s Individual Products Team at Individual.support@connexioninsurance.com or 800-228-5798, Option 1, Option 3.