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Credit Card Payments Now Accepted for Employer Premiums Plus Expanded Telehealth Options

Premera and Connexion are continuing efforts to support our small group employer customers and producers, and to keep our communities safe during this time period. Employers now have the ability to pay their monthly premium balance via the online bill pay system in the Employer Portal using a credit card.  There is no charge at this […]

Connexion Office Update

With the outbreak of COVID-19, the Puget Sound region is experiencing an event unprecedented in our lifetimes. All Connexion employees have been mandated to work from home for the next few weeks. Please note for Medicare applications that Connexion recommends utilizing the online Connecture tool, which eliminates the need for paper application processing. Connexion is currently working […]

Updated Premera Individual Medical and LifeWise Support Phone and Portal

Premera and LifeWise have updated their 2020 individual medical customer support phone numbers and online portals. Washington Healthplanfinder and the Exchange websites have been updated to reflect this change. LifeWise: Existing LifeWise WA Customer –  Pay by phone – 800-817-3056 Customer Service – 800-817-3056 Premera: Existing Premera Customer Portal –  Pay by phone – 800-607-0546 Customer Service […]

Update on Premera Individual Medical and LifeWise Individual Medical  

Premera and LifeWise are experiencing a few issues at this time, which they are working through as quickly as possible. Phone routing issues late last week kept people from reaching them. This has since been fixed, but has started the week out with long hold times. More customer service reps are being added. Some invoices […]

Updated Dual/Triple Choice Matrix and Address Changes

1) Make sure you have the current Premera Small Group Dual Choice and Triple Choice Matrices. which were updated in November 2019. If you save the documents to your computer, we recommend re-saving these documents now. 2) If you had an address change in the last year, please email your new address to our Licensing Department so updates can be […]

Small Groups of 1-2 Cancellations Reminder

This is a courtesy reminder that if Premera does not receive required documentation from groups with 1-2 employees eligible to renew, their group coverage will CANCEL and they will NOT be eligible for reinstatement. NO EXCEPTIONS to this requirement or deadline will be granted. The group must submit a signed Small Group Attestation, a Late Enrollment Acknowledgement form and a valid W-2 for one of the enrolled employee(s) to […]

Final Small Group Reminders For Jan 1, 2020

1) Hard Deadline for 1/1/2020 Small Group submissions is Monday 12/16/19 Groups Submitted after the 16th – You have the option to submit your group through Premera’s Small Group Marketplace at anytime up until the 20th of December. All groups submitted after the 16th will need to be keyed into SGMP by the producer directly. 2) Links to frequently used […]