Beware of Phishing Attacks Impersonating Connexion

It was brought to our attention that a producer received an email impersonating Connexion Insurance that asked them to click a link in order to reset their secure email. The producer had not requested any password reset and did the right thing by contacting Connexion directly and confirming that Connexion had not sent that email. 

The fake email address used was from “securemailADMIN” using with the Subject: Proofpoint Encryption Password Reset.

As a matter of practice, always use caution before clicking on links and you can verify the legitimacy of emails with Connexion if you ever suspect a phishing attempt or are unsure of why you received an email.   
Thank you!


We’re here to help. If you have any questions about small group plans, please contact Connexion’s PBC WA Small Group Team at 1-888-742-1475.