July 2023: Medicare and Transportation Services

July 2023: Medicare and Transportation Services


Medicare covers emergency ambulance services if:

  • It is the only safe way to transport you
  • You are on the way to or back from receiving Medicare-covered care
  • You are transported to and form certain places, like your home or the hospital
  • The transportation meets Medicare’s ambulance requirements


Medicare covers non-emergency ambulance rides ordered by a doctor if:

You are confined to your bed.

Or, you need vital medical services during your trip that are only  available in an ambulance


Medicare may also cover scheduled and regular non-emergency ambulance transportation.  

To get this kind of transportation covered, your doctor must send the ambulance supplier a written order saying it is medically necessary. For example, if you need help getting to your dialysis treatment facility every week, Medicare may cover your scheduled ambulance rides. Certain states also require that you get permission from Medicare before the transportation.


Medicare may cover transportation in an air ambulance.

For most people, this is only if a ground ambulance cannot get to you  where you are, or there is a great distance to travel or another obstacle in getting you to the nearest appropriate facility.


Part B covers 80% of the cost of ambulance services. 

You usually pay a 20% coinsurance after meeting your Part B deductible for the year

For example, if your ambulance ride is $1,000, Medicare would pay $800 and you would owe $200. If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, costs would depend on your exact plan.


You can find additional support from the following resources:

  • Medicaid: Medicaid may cover some types of transportation that Medicare does not. Contact your state Medicaid agency to learn if you qualify.
  • Medicare Advantage: Some plans may cover additional types of transportation as a supplemental benefit. Make sure to get all the rules and restrictions on this benefit before enrolling in a plan.
  • State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP): Your SHIP may be able to help find local resources.

For questions or more information about Medicare and Transportation Services, you can always schedule a consultation with American Senior Resources at 1-800-386-6160.