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August 2021: Common Fall Open Enrollment Notices Copy

You can make changes to your Medicare coverage each year during Fall Open Enrollment, which runs October 15 to December 7. Around September, you will start to receive notices with information about any changes to your coverage for the coming year. Read these notices so you can decide if your coverage will continue to meet […]

September 2021: Fall Open Enrollment Period

Fall Open Enrollment runs October 15 through December 7 and is the time of year when you can make certain changes to your Medicare coverage. You can make as many changes as you need to your Medicare coverage during Fall Open Enrollment. The last change you make will take effect on January 1, 2022. Take action during […]

July 2021: Troubleshooting Medicare Coverage Problems

Understand your Medicare notices If you have Original Medicare, you typically receive a Medicare Summary Notice (MSN) from Medicare every three months. Your MSN is not a bill. To understand your MSN: Read the definitions and descriptions of services carefully. Check the notes section. This is where Medicare may further explain its payment decisions or […]

June 2021: Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage Appeals

If you were denied coverage for a health service or item, you may appeal the decision. There is more than one level of appeal, and you have the right to continue appealing if you are not successful at the first level. Be aware that at each level there is a separate timeframe for when you […]

January 2021: What’s New In Medicare

 Part A: Hospital insurance   Part A premium   Free if you’ve worked 10 years or more $259 per month if you’ve worked 7.5 to 10 years $471 per month if you’ve worked fewer than 7.5 years Part A hospital deductible $1,484 each benefit period Part A hospital coinsurance   $0 for the first 60 days […]

December 2020: Medicare Appeals for Care that is Ending

If you are receiving care in a hospital or non-hospital setting and are told that your Medicare will no longer pay for your care (meaning that you will be discharged), you have the right to a fast appeal if you feel that continued care is medically necessary. Non-hospital care includes care from a skilled nursing […]

Nov 2020: Medicare Coverage of Skilled Therapy

What should I know about Medicare’s coverage of skilled therapy? Skilled therapy are services that are reasonable and necessary to treat illness or injury, performed by or under supervision of a licensed therapist. There are three main types of skilled therapy covered by Medicare: Physical therapy (PT): Exercise and physical activities used to condition muscles […]

Oct 2020: Fall Open Enrollment

Fall Open Enrollment We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. We look forward to supporting you during Fall Open Enrollment, which runs October 15 through December 7, and is the time of year when you can make changes to your Medicare coverage. The last change you make will take effect on January 1, 2021. […]

July 2020: Medicare Coverage of Skilled Nursing Facility Care (COVID Update)

What is skilled nursing facility (SNF) care? Skilled nursing facility (SNF) care is post-hospital care provided at a SNF. Skilled nursing care includes services such as administration of medications, tube feedings, and wound care. Keep in mind that SNFs can be part of nursing homes or hospitals. Medicare Part A may cover your SNF care […]

May 2020: Updates on Medicare Coverage For Coronavirus

CMS has amended the guidance to reflect additional information and flexibilities regarding Medicare coverage for Coronavirus. Some of these changes are a result of legislation, while others are decisions made by the agency. One update, as a result of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, forbids Medicare Advantage plans from charging any cost-sharing, including deductibles, copays, […]

April 2020: Medicare Coverage For Coronavirus

During this unprecedented time that the Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted all of our lives, please remember that Connexion is here to support your Medicare needs. Our team of specialists is fully operational working from home, and supporting customers everyday through phone consultations and online enrollment. If you have any needs or questions, please do not […]

October 2019: Open Enrollment is Here!

2020 Open Enrollment is Here! Fall Open Enrollment opens today and runs from October 15 through December 7. This is the time of year when you can make changes to your Medicare coverage. It can be a good idea to be open to exploring other plan options in your area. You may find a more […]

January 2020: What’s New in 2020?

  Happy New Year everyone! At Connexion, we’re particularly excited for 2020 because we’re working hard on some exciting new projects that will help us serve our customers better in the second half of the year. We’ll keep everyone posted through this newsletter as updates become available. Now onto this month’s topic, which is what’s […]