Industry Partnerships

As your employees and clients near retirement age, many will need guidance on what to do with Medicare. Connexion is a trusted partners of employer groups, CPAs, unions, brokerage and wealth management firms seeking to provide Medicare education and enrollment support to their constituents. Connexion offers customizable education and enrollment programs that are ideal for employees that are becoming eligible for Medicare.

Employer Groups and Unions

As more and more of your employees approach retirement, they will turn to you for help as they transition to Medicare. Connexion partners with employer groups in the following ways to educate and guide employees as they navigate the complicated Medicare enrollment process.

  • Group education seminars and online webinars
  • 1:1 consultations over the phone or in-person
  • Annual review of Medicare insurance
  • Self-service online shop, compare and enrollment in plans
  • Monthly educational newsletters and ebooks

Wealth Management Firms, Financial Advisors, Retirement Planning

Medicare doesn’t have to be a blind spot for your services. Many of the top wealth management, financial and retirement planning firms in Puget Sound have found that partnering with Connexion strengthens their client relationships because we add value to the relationship as we guide them through the Medicare enrollment process. Connexion is a proud sponsor of the Financial Planning Association of Puget Sound.

For more information, please see our wealth management partnership page.

Brokerage and P & C Agencies

Connexion also partners with brokerage and P & C agencies in our Partner Referral Program. If Medicare isn’t a part of your business, rather than referring a client to another agent where you are removed from the process, participants in the Connexion Partner Referral Program can receive a referral fee along with full visibility into the outcome. That way you can focus on your core business while benefiting from the referral.

If you are interested in any of these programs, call us at 866.952.3279 or email us at to get started.