Contact List

For Producers

Group Medical and Ancillary Team

Group Quote Requests

1-50 Group Medical/Dental/Ancillary: One Platform
All Other Quotes (Including Group in other states AK/ ID/ OR):


Group Sales Main Lines

(888) 742-1475 (Medical/Dental)


Group Sales Direct Lines

Amy Easley, Sales Executive (Western Washington)
(425) 657-5686 or

Rachel Miller, Sales Executive (Central and Eastern Washington)
(425) 381-8532 or


Premera Blue Cross Sales Support Team

New and Existing Premera Blue Cross Small Group Business
(1-50 lives and 51+ for producers not appointed directly with Premera)
(888) 742-1475 phone | (425) 918-6178 fax


Ancillary Products Sales Support Team

New and Existing Ancillary Products Business (All group sizes)

(877) 915-7526 | (425) 918-6178 fax |

Worksite Ancillary/Gap –


Affiliations, Licensing, Contracting

For Group and Ancillary Business (855) 751-0182,


(800) 929-6082,


ASR, a Connexion Company, Individual & Medicare Products Team

Medicare and Individual Sales Main Line (800) 386-6160

ASR Fax Line (425) 918-3387

ASR Medicare Sales Support Team

ASR Producer Referral Program

ASR Contracting and Licensing for Individual, Individual Ancillary and Medicare Business,

ASR Commissions

ASR Individual Quote Requests Medical/Dental/Vision/Gap – or


Medicare & Individual Sales Account Executives

Juline Duff (425) 918-5186 or

Kevin Peterson (425) 918-6011 or

TJ Claflin,

Brandon Stevens,