Updates to the <10 EE Life and Disability Market

Effective going forward, MetLife sold groups with 2-9 eligible lives must include dental.

For groups with 2-9 employees, Connexion recommends Reliance Standard for freestanding Life and Disability.

  • Guarantee-issue LTD protection up to $7,500 per month; $10,000 on select industries; 36 & 60 months, Own OCC.
  • Guarantee-issue STD protection up to $1,500 per week
  • Class carve outs on all products
  • Fast-quoting and simple enrollment
  • Full Pre-X Transfer from current carrier. This is a significant and unique opportunity to move to RSL.

If you need help, please call Connexion.


If you have any questions on our small group plans and processes, please contact Connexion’s PBC WA Small Group Team at 1-888-742-1475.