What are the Requirements for a Group of One Renewal?

For Jan 2019 renewals, due to restrictions on Groups of One, groups with one employee enrolled on the plan must submit a signed Group of One attestation form, a copy of the enrolled employee’s 2017 W-2 form, and, if submitted after December 5th, a Late Acknowledgment Form , to retain this group plan with Premera. After […]

How do I check my Medicare training and certification status?

To check your training and certification status: 1. Log into your producer portal 2. Go To My Producers  3. View Certifications 4. Enter 2019 into the Plan Year field and click search – This will bring up only active 2019 certifications. Leaving plan year blank will bring up all certifications.

Where’s the commission schedule?

Login at the top of this page. Click the myBusiness button. In the blue bar at the top, on the far right, select the “Connexion Docs” then “Producer Info” option. Click on the Commission Schedule pdf

How do I see my commissions?

Login at the top of this page. Click the myBusiness button. Select the “Compensation” tab along the top blue bar. Click on “Commission Statement.” Click on the date for the statement you want to see.

How do I reset my Connexion password?

Under the Login button, click the “Having trouble logging in” click here link. You will be prompted if you forgot your password or username. If you click on password, it will ask for your username (your UIS number) You will then be sent a temporary password to the portal email we have on file. If […]