Reliance Standard

Your clients can rely on Reliance Standard

Connexion is proud to represent Reliance Standard, with its attractive ancillary products for small groups. These include small group Life/AD&D and Disability in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Idaho. Get SmartChoice® product quotes for 2-19 groups on demand through our Group Quote system and, for larger groups, request a quote today.

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10+ employees ER paid or EE paid ER paid or EE paid ER pd or EE pd

Reliance Standard SmartChoice® Insurance Products

(Recommended for groups with 2-19 employees)
SmartChoice is a product set designed for groups under 19 that features simplified plan design, ease of selling & administration and is a great value. This product set of Life/AD&D and both Short Term and Long Term Disability is an easy way to introduce valuable new benefits to your clients’ employees. SmartChoice has an amazing combination in LTD of guarantee issue, 60% benefit up to $7500 and even a 30% pre-existing benefit. Request a quote

SmartChoice Application

RSL SmartChoice Life-AD&D

RSL SmartChoice LTD

RSL SmartChoice STD

RSL SmartChoice Value Added Services

Reliance Standard Insurance Products for 10+ size groups

Reliance Standard also has product options competitively designed for groups 10 to 100+ that features more varied plan designs and competitive rating, especially for groups 10 to 50. This product set of Life/AD&D and both Short Term and Long Term Disability can help you sell more of your clients’ benefits than just medical plans and help you transition association plans to like products from an A+ rated company.

Recommended plans for >10 size groups
10+ Confirmation of Plan Information
10+ New Group Preliminary Application

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